Cartier Tourbillon Lové floating Tourbillon

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Cartier is concerned, to explore the field of Haute Horlogerie endless, creation of each piece begins with a new white paper page. Replica Rotonde de Cartier Tourbillon Lové floating Tourbillon, Tourbillon by floating across the disc space and pre-rendered perfectly mastered the aesthetic interpretation of the creative ingenuity.

By the time limit, minutes and seconds function display surface area to release the disc space and simplify the entire movement to be provided only by a tiny table bridge support, Cartier watchmakers vividly demonstrate the magnificent atmosphere of floating tourbillon device, so this equipped with 9458 MC-type movement of Rotonde de Cartier Tourbillon Lové floating Tourbillon become the extraordinary masterpiece geometric design and masculine blend of aesthetics. Challenges facing not only watchmaker watch appearance, but also in the design of the table back, Cartier successfully bridge square inch of space provided in the table to achieve the movement of the operation.

Pierre Cartier in Russia since the first trip to explore the designer Faberge works, the Glyph has become one of the classic Cartier design projects. Carved out of the metal lines and dots, forming a geometric pattern. After re-painted with enamel, or carved on hold after. Cartier inspired by the rich variety of designs: in the face plate, frame or small wall clock in the center of a radial pattern carved origin; office supplies or a pen decorated with corrugated or scale pattern.

To create this Rotonde de Cartier Tourbillon Lové floating tourbillon watch, Cartier Replica Watch clever use of shiny platinum to render radial Glyph. Without rhodium-plated white gold to create a wonderful lighting effects, with geometric patterns wonderful radiation effects, dazzling beam to form a channel. With the face plate direction, radial Glyph capture reflected light and then dispersed, creating a wider margin of colorful flashing effect.