TAG HEUER watch brand new Aquaracer Lady

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TAG Heuer Replica Watchs

Since ancient times, artists love to the Mirror of Nature - Water , expressing the beauty of women . Water represents birth and rebirth , weak and varied , elegant but unfathomable power surging , just embodies femininity.The latest magnificent as Aquaracer Lady watch, flashing surfaces and rounded curves , women praise the delicate relationship between the water . Watch in rose gold, Replica Tag heuer Aquaracer Watches flashing diamonds and elegant mother of pearl and other precious materials made ??of perfect proportions . Taken from the water and female design inspiration, so watch the marine atmosphere become filled with art work .

In the 1980s , Bo Derek a breathtaking picture perfect interpretation of the Aquaracer image. Her first one Aquaracer watch donated by the Father . Reaching the age of 80 TAG Heuer Aquaracer series Honorary Chairman and Chief Designer Jack TAG Heuerfor accessing this story will explain." In 1979 I was Hobert Alter 's home in Southern California met Bo Derek 's father, Paul Collins. Hobert Alter is a Houston -style catamaran inventor , and Paul Collins was he played . Leave the initiative to send me to Paul Collins Los Angeles International Airport , on the way we have a chance to get to know each other. arrive at the airport , he asked me to let him in price could buy a Ladies Heuer diving watch , as his daughter 22 -year-old birthday. return to New Jersey office, I arranged Los Angeles Feldmar stores offer discounts , while his daughter watch the final selection of the smallest in the christmas long ago, I received a christmas card John Derek , thanks I offer discounts , also attach a color slide , slide his wife Bo Derek naked, wearing only our watch ! "

In the photo, the beautiful child lying on the beach , like Venus emerging from the waves in the same, with only sand and TAG Heuer Replica Watches , which Aquaracer series predecessor.Now , Aquaracer series is currently the brand ambassador by the charm of Hollywood star Cameron Diaz expressive interpretation . Her reward yourself Aquaracer watch is a gift . "I reward myself first TAG Heuer watch is a diving watch, I will wear it when diving and it is my most cherished watch over the years , not only stylish , but also functional and practical ."