Bell & Ross launched the latest series of limited edition INSTRU

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Replica Bell & Ross watch

Bell & Ross watch is the essence of the aircraft cockpit instrument panel timer transplanted to watch among aviation technology equipment as a reference object , while ensuring meter with a clear display , excellent performance and reliable durability and other characteristics, it is also BR01 Instrument series was born in the background.

Instrument BR01 Commando series of two Bell & Ross Replica Watches are designed for the new Prudential created for the elite shock troops : the Assault Force functions , often take the lead in deep danger of enemy infiltration tactics such as execution trace temptation , carry advanced equipment must be difficult to detect , avoid exposure whereabouts. Instrument BR01 Commando series of watches with special colors and coating, can be fully compatible with the commandos on the uniforms and equipment requirements.

Replica Bell & Ross Instrument BR01 Commando Series with a large calendar and power reserve display two models , with matte black case and dial of gray appearance , cover with outstanding color effects ; table mirror anti-reflective treatment inside and outside , with luminous dial design, day or night are displayed correctly.

Simple and minimalist, purely functional to win Commando series with brave and resolute, fearless commando challenge for the design of objects for InsTRUEment BR 01 series put on a new look ; accurate and reliable performance , ignoring the time of baptism, professional performance consistently.