Blue face TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 Watch

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TAG Heuer, the Chinese fans love the table probably does not mind awareness is low, the high-end stores in major counters it is not difficult to find, TAG Heuer has been celebrity endorsements, especially whom we are familiar with are skilled golf Tiger Woods. The author of the beloved blue side table with Canada, so when the network gave me Cuigao love the table when the watch in my mind is a blue face watch, maybe one day you can share out of print Lange blue face 1815, but for middle-income earners, Replica TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 Watches count non-high wins cold.

Currently watches are too old-fashioned paper media, whether it is the author or article, commercial concentrated flavor, which is also the author always love to watch network media made ​​Fasao paste, because I watch the launch with the smart, the whole world will watch the young tend technology, currently 60 leading watch media obviously powerless. Let me return to the topic of conversation on the TAG Heuer Carrera 1887, is well known, Carrera series has been a representative of the TAG Heuer stopwatch back in 1963, Jack Heuer put it and the legendary road race "Carrera Panamericana" par.

Carrera 1887 blue face in the sun reflecting people pleasing reflection, 12:00 direction indicator with 30 minutes time, this watch uses homemade Heuer movement Caliber 1887, at nine o'clock, small seconds dial configuration, especially needle plate and chassis color consistency. Tag Heuer Replica Watch At six o'clock with a calendar display, for the working family, watches While both gentle and generous, not missing the movement qualities.