Cartier Crash watch

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Cartier Crash watch

If the understanding of most people watch is the ideal product for law-abiding may watch culture in recent years, such bonds have already been broken, break through the traditional drawn from the shape of the design or even unconventional high Technology applications over more than the definition of a simple mechanical assembly. Of course, in fact, this breakthrough is not a product of this era unexpected London as early as 1967, when the "swinging London" wave of the golden age, we can imagine, was born in this year's Crash watch naturally carries that freedom restless active and eclectic. Hip-hop slapstick and pop art to subvert the traditional dogma, excellent shape watchmakers encounter with the rebel thought, the crystallization of the collision is Crash watch.

Cartier enjoying this shake and break the routine, meticulous, precise and nuanced watchmaking introduced elements of humor and elegant style. Very limited circulation Cartier Crash watch over time, become one of the most collectible timepieces, thanks to its asymmetrical design of the dial, and they stimulate the inequities and surprise Lenovo. Its name was also informed elite filed from time to time, for them, Crash watch represents the vanguard of culture in the 1970s. Today, the legend continues.

In 2013, Crash watch introduced four new limited edition watch, in non-18K rose K gold case, set with brilliant-cut diamonds and made of rhodium-plated 18K white gold case set with brilliant cut diamonds, watches 38.45x25.5 mm diameter of wear shows a slim beauty, especially in a woman's wrist watch case set with 150 brilliant-cut diamonds, weighing approximately 2.15 carats, two of the four watches not only in the case diamond bracelet is generously covered with diamonds, can be described as extravagant beauty of.

In fact, the Crash watch biggest feature is the distorted sense of the disk, although this design breaks the conventional visual experience, but also become a brave pioneer and try magic abstract, Roman numerals dial showing abstract mood of the time, just the pointer consistent use of the sword-shaped blue also represents the classic elements of Cartier. Watch sealed case back design, does not render the movement in front of everybody amount, perhaps because the positive mood enough to steal the show, so Cartier did not want to then distributed to everyone's attention back.

Not so much a dial highlights the most In fact, this watch strap say is the first drop-shaped with the case corresponding material made, dazzling, extraordinary outstanding. Not so much wear on the tool it is a timepiece, but it is more the case, female friends wrist to see the best decoration, the other two watch at the bracelet studded with diamonds this watch equipped with a Cartier Replica Watch manual winding movement, the thickness of only 8.8 mm, 18 jewels, in fact, in accordance with the general logic of view this should watch with quartz movement, Cartier did not do so, it shows Zoran extraordinary.