Cartier W20106X8 men's Watch

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Replica Cartier Watches

Cartier was founded in 1847, is a famous French watchmaker and jewelry manufacturers. Cartier soon since the birth of the royal family's favorite subject in Europe, which is also very affected Cartier brand style, with a thick atmosphere of the royal family and European watches.Replica Cartier W20106X8 men's Watch Now whether it is jewelry or watches, Cartier has excellent craftsmanship and unique style.

Santos series of Cartier watches is safe design for a friend, Santos want to keep reading because the time is not the case of the plane out of control, it's called Santos in flight. 1906 Santos after the plane landed, with his watch to check the time, when this innovative meter immediately swept the presence of all the people at that time. Time to market early, but now is also enduring. Today gave you a Cartier Santos watches, feel its unique charm.

I got this watch when he feels there is no data to so small. Originally 32mm diameter in the male table table should belong to a very small size category, even in the women's one-size table only law-abiding. But its unique design lugs make it look a lot bigger, it should be the Cartier some magic. Stainless steel square enclosure looks full of bold and square watch than perhaps too smooth round table can show male charm. With a black alligator strap even more capable, this style is a lot of choice for men.

Movement aspects Cartier is used Cal.076 movement, it is based movement is eta2671 self-winding movement, the full chain is probably 38 hours of power reserve. The movement is generally used for ladies watch, so little movement in diameter was 17.2 mm, thickness 4 mm, with eta2824 movement in a hierarchy, are entry-level movement, sanding with very fine degree Similarly, the difference is that one is often used on the male form; another common on the female form only. Of course, everything is not absolute, this movement like Cartier Santos series is used.

While this watch is a dress watch, although designed lugs at more than 32 mm so that it does not seem large, but for small series of such broad-brush man is concerned, only the large table will fit. In recent years, large-sized watches are popular,Buy Now  and perhaps start a small table against the tide diameter watch is a good choice. The price is not expensive, 47,100 yuan to 50,000 yuan yet, perhaps it's only internal constraints eta movement, and another homegrown movement, then it will perform better.