Chopard Bamboo Panda Watch

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Replica Chopare Watch

Full of originality and ingenuity will be elevated to the extreme craftsmanship of Chopard 150 anniversary of the Animal World Series , the group comes from the nature of the beautiful and mysterious metamorphosis of exotic animals , in Cannes , in New York, Morocco shine. Replica Chopard Bamboo Panda Watch union president and creative director Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele full of childlike imagination sketched out 150 models in animal shape themed works , dazzling Animal World Series using the most advanced manual techniques , craftsmen beyond unmatched skills and an endless supply of creative designers , the achievements of the 150 models worth treasuring and unique works.

Theme arranged in part , Chopard carefully built up a paradise, will be covered with fern branches you can see the lone wooden climbing lizards are safe shelter ; has a naughty dog at play on the green lichen ; between treetop branches there McNair cunning monkey swinging ... here is Chopard 's animal Kingdom also animals fantasy paradise !

In addition to the animals in the forest outside the shuttle jewelry , Replica Chopard Watches invited a small ling said the king of hearts Tianhe Liuzi Jun wear jewelry , whether wild Catwoman with elegant styling Yihuo elegant fairy , forest animals will accentuates personality , of course, , king of the forest "Tarzan " is an integral part of this jungle hero, and this is really a childlike joy together.