CITIZEN xC Infinity Love Valentine's limited edition watch

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The origin of Valentine's Day , in addition to well- known to everyone is to commemorate the guardian of missionary -Valentine 's story of lovers outside . This day has been given more praise thriving earth , everything started infinite vitality important day . Today, the fashion for women to shape Patek Philippe Calatrava Replica metropolitan endless charm CITIZEN xC series , this infinite love to Infinity Love in the name of the female form through CITIZEN spokesperson Hebe Hebe confidence interpretation , launched CITIZEN xC Infinity Love Valentine's Day limited edition watch . Eternal " ∞ " symbol symbol of love natural diamonds at 8:00 the whole point , to convey the 2014 Valentine's infinite love most abundant affection .

This year, just as the spokesperson for the singer CITIZEN female form fun days - Hebe Hebe, with a unique style , a distinctive bright note new generation of women infected with charisma . But the return to the scene of love buildings , Hebe said , whether at home quiet lane close proximity to , or will trek cross-border journey. As long as the two were in the same space footprint can be together every step of the line before the time are endless memories . Therefore , CITIZEN xC Infinity Love Valentine's Day to watch Happy Flight qualified name of the design concept, again CITIZEN proud world time zone feature , when the 24 urban areas, combined with regular automatic reception function , wanton and enjoy the journey , embrace world . This limited edition watch is not only the function of both timing and more reveal design ingenuity. The small golden love totem Diaoyin position on top of Tokyo TOKYO , adding Japanese inherent ka-wa-i style. ? Japanese fashion aesthetics , Japanese Seiko rigorous , more women watch the superb standard.

CITIZEN xC Infinity Love Valentine's Day limited watches, gold dial with the words xC and shellfish dish using white board material , elegant and restrained style to win . Combined with exclusive Duratect stainless steel case hardening techniques , revealing the female charm firmness and flexibility . And the timing function , inherited the leading brand of advanced  technology Replica PATEK PHILIPPE Watches and sophisticated . Using radio waves timing and world time zones , urban areas are only subject to conversion , precise date and time immediately apparent in place. Let wearers wanton travel embrace the world , elegant joy uninterrupted . Plus calendar , JIS1 type magnetic, collision detection , and correction pointer with sapphire glass mirror and 5 atm water and other useful features , in addition to the aesthetic standards of more women watch CITIZEN exquisite timing in the process .