Dibi Jia became the first Indian ambassador for Tissot

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Locke force known as the Switzerland of India "new generation faces" actress Dibi Jia • Paduoteni , and Tissot signed on as the first Indian brand ambassador for Tissot . Dibi Jia is one of the most popular actresses in India , but also an international supermodel . She is a " new face of Tissot " Tissot represents the value of content and spirit of the brand . The cooperation from officially began in December 2007 , was when the Dibi Jia starring Bollywood blockbuster " peace" end global show. This is the first time to Tissot Seastar 1000 Replica choose a Swiss watch brand ambassador in India , the two sides cooperate fully reflects the importance of the Indian market for active Tissot . Dibi Jia versatile , vibrant , proactive and receptive to new ideas - all reflect her personality and lasting Tissot brand diversified development of innovative features . Meanwhile, she has also been a long 154 years Tissot watch making history attracted . Currently, Tissot is the world's highest-selling brand of Swiss watchmaking tradition , even if the results achieved now , Tissot insisted its global development strategy , which is one of the important reasons Tissot impress . Tissot is not only dazzling style , more world-class quality and technology , popular in the Indian market , is consistent with the Indian consumer tastes . This collaboration will greatly enhance the degree of Tissot even welcome the world in India , and to cooperate mutual benefit.

As beautiful and taste expert , Dibi Jia especially like Tissot watch, she said that these tables are "true fashion accessories for women ." Before you start acting and modeling career , she was a badminton player , has won two national -level tournament singles title , but she also participated in domestic baseball and basketball games . Therefore, she is also very like Replica Tissot Watches sports watch models , because these products have both advanced technology and stylish design , many of the details of the design reflects the full motion characteristics.