Extraordinary time - Cartier 2013 new cheetah decorative watch

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The cheetah CartierKingdom's most iconic animal shapes, its flexible body appointed in a circular rotary track of time between sprout and lovely taste of another extraordinary mood of the passage of time. The same time as the the Ladies Watch cheetah theme is a perfect fit woman this "mysterious" animal convey the feeling, the next everyone to come and enjoy the 2013 Geneva Watch Fair Cartier new launch of two beautiful cheetah decoration watch.

Representative works as a senior Cartier jewelry, of course, whether it is in the design or the selected materials can be described as extravagant of the gas, we can easily see from today we recommend these two watch appearance. Previously recommended for everyone Cartier of a cheetah decoration watch, the movement to get rid of on top of the disk presented in the form of a cheetah, when to get rid of the swing seems to be a sensitive and agile cheetah walking in the disk on top of an excellent idea.

First bring the the Panthère pine de Cartier cheetah decorative watch, diamond the fur and enamel spots in white gold diamond dial on a black and white contrast. This watch is like cheetah most gentle cradle. Watch 18K rhodium-plated white K gold case set with brilliant cut diamonds, including part of the case and bezel are all covered by the diamond, this luxurious materials also reflects the fine jewelry watches Cartier has consistently adhered to the top quality. Three-dimensional design cheetah decoration made of 18K rhodium-plated white K gold set with brilliant cut diamonds, worth mentioning is the the cheetah body of the black spots are elaborate enamel spots, well-known black enamel is the most difficult of all enamel grasp, we can see that watch in the process also spared effort. Watch very carefully in the design of the disk, black brass barley grain guilloched dial with rhodium-plated steel hands, although the cheetah decoration than in the disk area occupied prominent is very small, but this did without prejudice to its Cartier care and thought, the nuances of a full spirit of the brand. This watch with black matte calfskin strap-plated 18K the rhodium K white gold folding clasp set with brilliant cut diamonds, Cartier also equipped with a quartz movement.

Next is Baguette the Panthère cheetah decorative watch, look at what she was playing? To see this piece, we could not help the cheetah every move curious. This is a lovely young leopard, leisurely climb above the micro-dial of the watch. This stunning animals presented a three-dimensional sculpture, exquisite and vivid. This stunning and elegant bracelet by ladder-shaped cut diamonds inlaid, cheetah full, supple body wound on it, added a dash of humor dynamic boxy geometric modeling.

This watch with 18K plated the rhodium K white gold case and bracelet, set with brilliant-cut diamonds and baguette-shaped diamonds, the overall luxury of extraordinary. At the same time there are a lot of tables faithful have expressed this watch can be called the watch the most 2013SIHH sell Meng.

Watch unique cheetah decoration, set with brilliant cut diamonds, deep eyes emerald production, a closer for a long time will make you have a wonderful illusion, as if the wrist cheetah already the recovery. Onyx nose together to convey the unique charm of this feline. Square dial with nearly the most simple design, compared to this is in order to share the diamond cheetah tedious and complex sense, so that the overall aesthetic of the watch to reach a certain balance, sun ray ornamentation translucent paint silver dial, sword-shaped rhodium-plated steel hands, with a simple but subtle matter, watch equipped with the Cartier Replica Watchs 101 MC manual winding mechanical movement, is a rare work of art.

Summary: In fact, as this level of fine jewelry watch I have to say, this may just only so exclusive upper-class society women, but even God can not be deprived of the right to the pursuit of beauty is, so I can only be here beautiful in my eyes as we explain. Of course, if I have to determine what the price of these two watch I can only according to the level to speculate that more than one million yuan is the lower limit. Diamond the same as the poison that causes women to let them go, only a diamond will be able to make a woman entrusted lifelong mention in this concoction, we can see that these watch will become the year's high-end women mad pursuit of a goal.