Hublot Big Bang "Snow Leopard" Limited Edition Watch

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Replica HUBLOT watch

Back in October 2010, will be skiing with the Queen, Maria Dietrich Hublot executives make - and Mr. Claude Beaver, Mr. Ricardo Guadalupe hit it off. Today, Hublot order to provide the positive athletic career pinnacle - won the Olympic champion and two-time world champion brand ambassador tribute made for her a new "Big Bang Snow Leopard" limited edition watch.

HUBLOT Big Bang Limited Edition Watch has always been closely related with the mountains and skiing. Of course, partly because Hublot from Switzerland, the Swiss network of traditional culture so deeply rooted in its values ​​exist; hand Hublot worldwide and sports fields is closely linked.

April 26, 2013, in Basel Jewelry and Watch Show, HUBLOT held a spectacular press conference, Maria Friedrich I, Hublot Global Board Chairman Jean - Claude Beaver President and CEO of Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe attended a grand expose dawn this watch. "Big Bang Snow Leopard" limited edition watch with white ceramic, dial set with 8 yellow diamond, limited edition of 50.

 Maria Dietrich explained her special selection "Snow Leopard" series reasons: "Snow Leopard is my favorite animal, because we share certain common characteristics which nature alone, but brave and fierce, exude calm calming air force. Sadly, they are on the verge of extinct, only a few alive today and I am very excited to be able Hublot snow leopard inspired innovation out of this watch, and in my name, I feel very proud! "

HUBLOT and competitive skiing has always been a very close contact. Early in 2011, Hublot in Garmisch - Partenkirchen World Alpine Ski Championships have become the official timing. In addition, Hublot Replica Watchs has also been strongly supported the country's world-class Swiss cross-country skiing athletes Dario Colonia, and with the Verbier SPORT, Zermatt, Switzerland Chur Scotia Tourism and Weiler Ski School to establish a partnership to encourage skiing expertise Daidaixiangcheng to express their respect for shared values ​​and a strong respected.