Hublot presents "Red hollow Tourbillon" ceramic Watch

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Replica HUBLOT Watch

To pay tribute to the 2013 Only Watch Monaco Red , Hublot presents "Red hollow Tourbillon" ceramic watch , this is a fully self-developed brand watches embody innovation capability . Following the publication of a history of anti- scratch magic gold , Hublot has successfully launched the Hublot Big Bang Black Magic Replica new brightly colored ceramic material . The world's first bright red ceramic material, red and black with the most dazzling little red in your heart !

Bright red ceramic material is developed R & D department and Hublot Hublot Swiss foundry recent key topics . Hublot is also the first time in history can be found in this brightly colored ceramic material presents "magic formula ."

This specially designed for the Only Watch the world premiere watch bezel on the use of a new bright red ceramic material . Watch diameter 45 mm , with the most classic and elegant Hublot " Classic Fusion " design presentation, and integration into the black elements echo Hublot logo colors.

Satin brushed polished black ceramic case equipped with a full- hollow Tourbillon movement , both elegant and modern design style . Movement provides up to five days of power reserve , completely independently developed by the Replica Hublot Watches factory manufacturing . For the details and bright red ceramic echoed designers with red anodized aluminum mirror along on sapphire tourbillon sketched out一枚small ring to highlight the beauty of the tourbillon , while the red velvet sewn black alligator lines lined black leather strap and natural rubber , making it the same as the classic Hublot fit skin comfortable to wear.

While this unique Hublot watches perfect interpretation of the " fusion of art " is not only a fusion of traditional and modern , but with 21st century watchmaking integration of high-tech innovation . This is for the Only Watch charity auction and the birthplace of venue - the Principality of Monaco 's special gift for the imaginative .