IWC Engineer Automatic watch carbon fiber

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First, I want to clarify that we are now seeing any shape carbon fiber products are carbon cloth becomes, the carbon cloth is set by each beam longitudinal fibers are alternately twice and twice at the top and at the bottom transverse fibers woven textile made, so we will see a highly distinctive pattern, its single fiber than a human hair thin fivefold. Another Young's modulus of carbon fibers is specially made bulletproof vests Kevlar fibers 2 times, and corrosion resistance.

The second step is to be immersed in the epoxy, this aim is achieved by a gas phase or liquid phase oxidation, provide the fiber chemical activity, increasing the affinity of the resin, so as to prevent fiber damage, improve affinity with the resin matrix and sexual IWC Replica Watch effects. The third step is to route the fiber impregnated with an epoxy resin molded in a mold shaping, baked in high temperature and pressure, after which the resin hardened.

The fourth step entered the modeling stage, before the hardened carbon fiber embryos through CNC milling into the appearance of engineers, CNC is a popular way of machining precision products, the biggest advantage of this method is that one piece and precision machining, to avoid the hassle of glue, but due to high hardness carbon fiber itself, be extremely careful when milling, if mishap will be completely scrapped, as nations is how to do their research and development director did not tell I am.

The final step of course, is assembled, the table we see that this housing is made bezel, case, back cover three carbon fiber components are assembled together by screws, which means IWC to three kinds of different shapes milled carbon fibers assembly, processing difficulty can be imagined. In addition, we must pay attention to detail, the comment above table clearly written titanium, which in the end what does that mean? We know that only through the physical between carbon fiber fixed is not waterproof, so the carbon fiber is not directly in contact with sapphire crystal glass, the middle must have a medium to connect, this medium is titanium, we are here to make a bold suppose, this table Each screw should be titanium mouth existence, if this supposed to set up, we really can not help but admire the virtuosity of nations with good intentions!

When I put the watch worn on the hands of time, I feel the word "cool", which is cool moisten things silently, I need a table, because the world has not yet IWC EngineerAutomatic watch appeared on the second fastest time of acquisition way, but I also want to feel it's there, because I want it to be part of my body, this watch did. But now out of a new problem, this form of Chinese release inside that this material is carbon steel sheet, implying that carbon fiber is wrapped in steel outside, in fact, this is a steel table. For this argument, I was extremely disagree, first inside the case if there is steel, 46 mm in diameter as a watch is absolutely impossible for this weight, and secondly, if it is carbon-clad steel, this watch will become was meaningless, steel table is not done directly on the end, do not be afraid to pack a layer of carbon steel wear? I think different nations is estimated to figure out.

Said so on the case of the thing, let us look at the movement it, this watch still follows the IWC developed a stable, accurate, durable and known, with integrated shock absorption system and Buhler Dayton automatic chain system 80110 movement. This movement, though not new, but the engine piston style pendulum Tuo gave this movement adds a lot of vitality. We note that the titanium ring on the bottom of the table inscribed circle text, but there are some words made me very unhappy, and that is One Out Of 100.