IWC Portugal Series moon phase Watch

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Replica IWC Watches

Replica IWC Portuguese series is to express respect for the great navigator designed watches, this series of atmospheric open dial design. The moon phase watch heritage of Portugal series design, 18k white gold case diameter of 44.2 mm, blue dial reminiscent of the blue sea, calm and open-minded.

This watch has a number of functions: date, week, month and four-digit year display, moon phase display, and indicates the number of days remaining gain or loss from the next time. This feature can display the process of change of moon phases, and to show the way mirror symmetry phase hemispheres. On a dark blue dial is dark blue with the same open-cell display, with rhodium-plated disc reproduction moon phase indication moon changes. For deep-sea sailing are concerned, is very important to master the movements of the moon. Not limited to navigation, moon tides for coastal impact has been of great importance. Because the lunar tidal stably dominated time: When the new moon and profit and loss, when the water level is particularly high tide, low tide when the water level is particularly low.

Moon phase display ingenuity and innovative moon phase display the northern and southern hemispheres. Dial from its northern and southern hemispheres can see the moon phase display into two symmetrical holes, the month when the phase wheel rotation, through two round holes and then you can see the moon from new moon to waxing waning moon to full moon the complete process of change, and northern and southern hemispheres of the moon phase is characterized by the same shape, in the opposite direction, this innovative design makes the nations who wear it while living in one hemisphere, but can understand the way the two hemispheres of the moon, really has the double benefit . Watch also indicates the remaining number of days from the next full moon, the moon phases to meet changes in your imagination.

3 o'clock position of the dial is divided into two functional display inside and outside the ring, the outer ring shows the date, the inner ring of seven days power reserve display. Buy Now Two different lengths of slender pointer, precise indication of their information. 6 o'clock position for the month displayed on color selection and variable color slightly darker than some of the dark blue, and variable phase difference plate in order to achieve a clear display. Between clockwise seven o'clock and 8 o'clock position for the year show that the 9 o'clock position is still divided into internal and external display ring, outer ring of the week display shows the small seconds display circle to watch circle.