IWC watch interpretation of the "Fast and Furious”

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Replica IWC Watch

In the IWC engineer watches the development process, the most memorable of the watch has two: 1976 Jerome · Genta design engineers prototype watch. In this table, located on the bezel five different locations drilling, so watch not only played a role in more robust and stable, and more ably demonstrated Engineer series. 2013 new engineers automatic watch that is this watch modern "interpretation of a new era." Another was in 1989 produced 3508 Ingenieur Automatic. Because IWC Ingenieur known for its outstanding magnetic properties, but this can easily withstand Ingenieur Automatic 500,000 amps / m field strength. In fact, this watch can withstand MRI up to 3.7 million amps / m field strength, which is so far the highest civilian wristwatch magnetic record. This series of watches available, further reinforces IWC Ingenieur in superior magnetic performance with excellent mechanical performance status. Today, engineers new watch series again, and with the F1 Formula One racing derive more "motion effects."

Caroline Lake Bell. This stems from the IWC and Mercedes AMG brand new team cooperation in the next three years, IWC will serve as the team's official Mercedes AMG engineering partner. Therefore, this year the IWC as an opportunity to launch a comprehensive improvement in 2013 by engineer watches.

We agreed that Formula One and the IWC "designed for men," the core concept of each other, covered on the technical challenges, the exciting moment and exciting race against time. IWC good from a long history of motor racing roots for inspiration to design a special gift for. Such as the 1930 and 1954/1955, Mercedes - Benz Silver Arrow racing car was chasing in international competitions, champion. Therefore, this year IWC engineers designed a special edition chronograph silver arrows as tribute to the legendary Mercedes car racing tribute.

Caroline Lake Bell: Actually, IWC and Mercedes - Benz of cooperation can be traced back to October 2004, IWC since then announced that Mercedes - Benz's AMG high-performance brand partnership . A year later, IWC for the first time in the name of AMG unveiled two engineers watch. This year, the two sides of the long successful cooperation extends to a Formula One motor racing.Our engineers and Mercedes - Benz engineers have much in common, they are based on cutting-edge technology and virtuosity to lay the foundation for the success of the unsung heroes, they continue to explore the limits of mechanical science and the pursuit of first-class performance and precision technology. And precise technology and innovation is our mutual pursuit and passion.

Caroline Lake Bell: This year a new Ingenieur bright spot is the use of new materials, inspired by Formula One material library. IWC Replica Watchs racing through the use of typical materials such as carbon fiber, ceramic and titanium, subject to the interpretation of the car and watch the appearance draws on modern Formula One cockpit.

For example, carbon fiber has become an iconic Formula timber. IWC Not only will this modern materials used in separate parts, and its application to high-performance carbon fiber production engineer automatic watch's overall enclosure. I believe that these innovations can be more consolidation IWC reputation as masters of watchmaking.