Lifesaving artifact - Breitling Emergency II watches

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Breitling Emergency watch

Energy supply in the Breitling Emergency watch the development of the second generation is crucial. Cospas-Sarsat global satellite search and rescue system requirements beacons can transmit signals to ensure continuous 24 hours, in addition to considering the particularity of dual-band transmitters, which run alternately different power levels (121.5 MHz frequency power of 30 mW and 406 MHz of 3.2 watts, 100 times that of the former), which required a certain current consumption characteristics. Not to mention all the components must also be fully integrated in a small wristwatch.  

After extensive research, the ideal solution than using the Breitling Replica Watch power more than ordinary batteries rechargeable battery. However, with the Breitling Emergency watch that matches the type of second-generation products do not exist. Therefore, Breitling forefront in the field of an agencies, is designed for this emergency watch design a new rechargeable battery. This is the energy stored in the field of high-tech pioneer product, contributed to this research with a bright future developments in the field. In order to ensure the reliability of emergency generation can watch, Breitling has developed a charger tester, regularly charge the battery and automatically checks whether the normal operation of the transmitter.

Breitling Emergency watch the second generation is not only a personal survival tool, but also a love of adventure for professionals and provide many other useful features electronic chronograph, including: 12/24 hours of analog and digital display, timing accuracy 1/100 sec, Alarm, countdown timer, second time zone display, calendar display and multi-language display remaining battery power. Watch with quartz movement accurate than ordinary 10x super Breitling SuperQuartzTM temperature compensated quartz movement, and has a representative of the highest precision and reliability benchmarks Swiss official Observatory certified (COSC).