McIlroy starred Omega brand new golf commercials

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Omega recently with its celebrity ambassadors Golf Rory McIlroy shot a cooperative new television commercials. This ad adopted by the Irish alternative rock band "manuscript band" sang the song "Fame" as the background music.This global superstar also hot singles vocals.

"When the end of my career, I want to be able to enter the Golf Hall of Fame, is remembered as one of the greatest golfers in the history in the 'Hall of Fame' this song, there are a few lyrics so I have some sympathy, this song for this ad is a good choice. "when it comes to background music Rory said. Replica Omega Watch This ad on an early morning shooting in Dubai championship game, where the Dubai Desert Classic will be held annually. Newborn first rays of sun shining sprinkle the golf course in the open, for the film to create a special atmosphere.

This is by Rory McIlroy has starred in commercials unusual camera angles. Film, Rory hit the ball to the spectacular scenery of the magnificent skyline of Dubai desert landscape consisting of. Commercials have 5 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds in three versions. 5-second version uses an unusual perspective - from the bottom of the camera Rory McIlroy shot through a special support units vertically. When asked about shooting commercials, Rory said, "That is very interesting shot, also achieved good results, especially in the context of that scene in Dubai. Could do such a thing is very interesting, and I daily activities somewhat different. "

Rory McIlroy with his iconic picture of a powerful golf swing to hit it then became a vivid advertisement in the CBD. With bright white ball rack Rory impact forces generated by hitting into the air. Rory commented, during the filming of advertising greatest pressure comes from how to hit the perfect one. He pointed out that advertising is not like shooting a golf swing in the game as a result can be adjusted after.

2007, Rory McIlroy With five wins outstanding achievement turn into amateur professional golfer. Currently, he won three Grand Slam titles, including thirteen games, including Championship, including the recent British Open. Rory also twice participated in the European Ryder Cup team, and win.

That was two years old started playing golf Rory, in 2007 became the world's top-ranked amateur golfer, and subsequently become the world's top-ranked professional golfer in 2012, often make news headlines. In the same year, Buy Now Rory was named the PGA Tour player of the year. He is currently ranked second in the world's golfers.

Omega president Stephen Tsang said, "We are proud to Rory Omega celebrity ambassador, a member of the family, he also makes us excited atop delighted at the British Open, although he has now so well, I Rory believes that in the near future will achieve even greater success. "

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