Montblanc bimonthly moon phase watch a double face

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Montblanc International Watch Fair in Geneva will host in January 20, 2014 Monday published bimonthly phase watch Star series and hold an international press conference.

Montblanc Star Series watch is a beautiful and elegant watch collection , the perfect combination of elegant round case of quality as well as traditional decoration process , so that each Star series are meaningful only good watch. Coming on the 2014 SIHH Watch Fair Montblanc Star launched a new series of bimonthly phase watch combines all the above features , it depends on high -quality automatic movement, Analog date and moon phase display special functions . Moon phase function shows the face of changes in the Earth's natural satellite in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres of the show , this is extremely rare feature from an additional set of complex modules , which is the only use of the Montblanc Replica Watches moon phase display, while giving the name of the wristwatch " bimonthly phase ."

Moon phase watch has been listed as one of the most high-profile complex technologies and to add a dash of poetic watch thousands of years , people in different parts of the world civilization, but the same way round through the night sky bright moon , in order to express feelings. However, most people do not know that the northern hemisphere from the southern hemisphere and to watch the moon has a different appearance, of course , whether the viewer is located, the full moon that is full moon, that is, gains and losses Quarter Quarter moon phase is always followed by changes with, however, saw the southern hemisphere of the moon , but as a mirror in the Northern Hemisphere are generally mutually Film reversed phase . Watch Quarter in the northern hemisphere , the crescent moon is always bent to the right, and is curved to the left hemisphere in the First Quarter of the crescent ; waning moon crescent is a similar situation in the northern hemisphere viewed waning moon , crescent bend it to the left, and in the following is the southern hemisphere equator bend to the right. Most of the moon phase timers have exhibited relative gains and losses are all drawn from the northern hemisphere to watch months, it is because a clock and moon phase display of the invention are located in the Northern Hemisphere , and most of the world's population lives north of the equator.

Montblanc Star series bimonthly phase watch moon phase display function is very different , because this watch while taking into consideration the wearer living in the southern hemisphere , elegant moon phase display with a unique shape of the display window , and use the pointer design shows to date count of age . Another type pointer slender upright diameter well against the lower part of the small moon phase dial Heritage Month displayed phase , which refers to the southern hemisphere that is currently watch the moon phase .

Elegant small dial at six o'clock in the details of the design is meticulous . Displayed around the small dial -month-old day count , the upper half of the space is used as a display of moon phase , and with the unique shape of the window , with sliding window on a dark blue background in the golden moon , and will change shape , showing the phases of the moon as viewed in the Northern Hemisphere . The lower half of the design is decorated with hexagonal Montblanc white star logo mimicking patterns and in different phase of the moon around the totem , is presented in the southern hemisphere moon phases .

This section wrist surface plate decorated with guilloche decoration - classic design elements of Haute Horlogerie , Montblanc Star watches and this is the most symbolic of the Star of David ornamentation unique radial face plate , and later evolved into the category Montblanc bimonthly with a small dial on the sign silhouette. Guilloche dial ornamentation has been extended to take the time outermost degree , between one o'clock and two o'clock there is an asymmetric arrangement of the date pointer small window in the ten o'clock position India has a rectangular arrangement of " Montblanc " and the words " automatic " , meaning the watch uses a self-winding mechanical movement. Innovative date display arrangement 31, 15,30,45,60 minute scale mining with red highlights and a red crescent date indicator displayed on the top , are all very unique at the watch . Montblanc Star series unique black Arabic numerals and silver background Replica Montblanc Tourbillon Bi-Cylindrique Watche rendered in sharp contrast to the blue steel hands also presents a strong contrast with the background color , easy to read time wearers include: willow-shaped hour and minute hands , second hand bar , fine phase -month long straight and slender pointer date pointer.

This watch uses a special polished stainless steel case , 42mm in diameter and 12.7mm height ratio of today's most widely used anti-glare circular dial with sapphire crystal glass table mirror protection, screw-in caseback with transparent sapphire crystal glass , can be seen through the sapphire crystal glass with high quality mechanical movement MB 4810/913. Automatic movement with Montblanc watches dedicated to this special module for displaying bimonthly phase . Asymmetry Analog Date Swiss watchmaking heritage of the top qualities of art . Frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour , if you have not worn for a long time , you can turn the Montblanc emblem inlaid crown have to manually as the movement chain. Date and moon phase display can be adjusted on a daily two buttons to adjust the unit through the side of the case . The large selection of watches grain crocodile leather strap , a unique three-tier folding steel clasp fixed , easy wearers quickly and easily worn or off watch.