Movado 0606418 Ladies Watch

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Replica MOVADO Watch

Movado Although a small niche brand, but for most women lovers, still very familiar. It has a very unique fashion elements, a lot of watch brands are in the 12 o'clock position with a shining diamond represents noon time, even said that the sun, and the pointer will move as the earth rotates around the sun, thus expressing time. Today we come to appreciate from Moon Bear Series 0606418 watch, very popular with lady love.

Movado Series 0606418 Moon Bear shaped stainless steel watch case, bracelet, and presents a mirror effect, Replica Movado 0606418 Ladies Watch and strive to achieve exquisite, delicate, and extremely compact 22 mm dial worn on the wrist, like a rich spiritual jewelry, Elegant, subtle, soft, pink dial is Ms. very favorite color, if you use one word to sum up this table, "gentle enough" is probably a very good interpretation.

Center of the dial using a smaller version of toffee pointer, toffee pointer is extremely elegant, dignified, generous, and drill point design 12 o'clock position also happens to be the largest specialty brands. Of course, in addition to this accident, pink Museum dial dial grain surface is also used in the brand's iconic design, for which the brand has won numerous international awards, competing to become a major museum collections of objects.

In addition, the strap curved design is a major highlight for ladies watch, the kind of elegant and not too soft, such as Ms. usual wrist strap to wear bracelets in general, agile and lively. As a whole wristwatch timepiece, it has a reliable quartz movement accurate travel time as a guarantee, as the jewelry, it is even more petite "body" lovely "cheek", and embarrassed embarrassed God's "eyes." heart, very capable of love and opened to women.

Movado is extremely good at design as a watch brand, has many female fans, it is well aware of women to watch, for jewelry, the demand for aesthetic, so Moon Bear series will be to design the most touching hearts presented in front of women . 0606418 watch is a chic under brand watches, saying it unique because it uses most of the dial color pink, reflecting the gentle touching soft body.

Stainless steel mirror to create a refined and delicate case, quartz movement ensures absolute precision movement when walking, and toffee pointer is the elegant stand, the perfect show women elegant, beautiful temperament, of course, the brand diamond at 12 o'clock Museum dial these iconic elements still exist, but also the very elements recognizable. Buy Now The whole very good wristwatch for ladies hit the small dial watches, soft, delicate, precise needs, watch for the ladies, is not only a timepiece, but also fine jewelry wrist, wrist to show their temperament boutique.