My Favorite TAG Heuer Watch - The Formula 1 Grande Date WAH1010.

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I myself is a big fan of the black and white color combination. And that’s why I pay attention to this watch at the first time. Not sure if you’re like me or not.Another notable feature this watch has for you is the Swiss made Quartz movement which powers the whole engine. Quartz is a very accurate engine when it comes to timekeeping. And it doesn’t require much of your attention to keep it working as well. So, if you’re a busy person who loves to have an accurate watch that is hassle-free in maintenance, a Quartz-powered one is the way to go.

TAG Heuer Formula 1 Grande Date WAH1010.BA0854 replica watch, a scratch-proof synthetic sapphire crystal and plus the steel case, bracelet, and bezel are the toughest armor that you can have to protect your watch from potential harms all day long.


The sapphire crystal will not just act like a shield against scratches, it will also give you a clear look over the dial. That means, you can glance time with ease whenever you’re in a hurry.And the stainless steel case, band, and bezel will also add up to the overall look and feel of the watch thanks to their silver tone color and the ability to shine under the sun!

With the presence of a fold over clasp with safety, you will find it easy to put this timepiece on your wrist and keep it there. And it’s easy to take it off as well. No learning curve required.Talking about special features you will have from this little guy, there is a screw down crown in place to protect the inner parts from water whenever you want to go on swimming or deep sea diving. And the luminous hands and time markers will make it easy for you to see time in the dark.

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