Omega Constellation Watch

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Replica OMEGA Watch

Replica Omega watch has always been popular, has always been the world's leading brands limited, either appearance or from the movement from within, people are very reliable. Especially the constellation series, so that everyone feels familiar, Omega Constellation ushered in a series of 12-year celebration of 60 years, in particular the launch of this let us watch the next witness.

In particular the use of a special commemorative section Omega Constellation Chronometer Omega's patented 18k Sedna gold classic case of special material, called classic, because it has elements of the world's most recognizable Omega - the claws, claws born in 1982, before all the Omega Constellation watch only a simple round case. Table mirror scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, clear reading, while ensuring a solid and durable, its hardness second only to the world's hardest substance - diamond hardness index was 9. In the table below the mirror, gossip is the classic silver dial, it was called "pan" because of its flat disk of prominent and very much like a frying pan. Gossip side of the dial is the most representative elements of the constellation, the first generation constellation would have been a nosy face, but was not yet clear edges, in the following years was able to clear outline. In addition, the disk also uses a first-generation constellation scale classic elements - flies the word, the word referred to fly because of its scale and multi-Cutaway conical flies very similar, hence the name. To meet the contemporary fashion trends, Omega Constellation commemorative models using a style sheet back through the back, we can appreciate the exquisite movement of the grinding process, and enjoy the "time" of the essence. As a collection of commemorative section, with a rectangular scales for Omega alligator strap, highlighting its elegant, noble.

Learn the history of classical elements in inspiration, touch and stylish modern aesthetic thinking, Omega Constellation special commemorative models faithful to the table presented a visual feast. 18K Sedna gold Omega naming of a new alloy, gold, copper and palladium are three synthetic fused metal elements, the name is derived from this new alloy TNOs astronomers called sedna's, sedna asteroids are considered the surface of the solar system is one of the most red color objects. Gold alloy 18k sedna patent case to ensure that the unique rose gold color eternal and lasting. In addition to the classic elements of the case claws, but also a symbol of elegant engraved Roman numerals. Disk to gossip flies word lines and gold decoration angular, but also with representatives of a gold star constellations, so noble and Juanxiu disk. Overall, to commemorate the launch of the first generation constellation Observatory limited edition section 38 mm high spirits, with its delicate appearance recounting the legend of history.

Taking into account the nature of Omega too Constellation Chronometer to the classic atmosphere of the needle to achieve a form of junior time display, gold and red pointer on the scale clear white dial and unique, to increase readability but also on the watch of a beautiful upgrade. In the display hours, minutes, seconds, while gold to 18k sedna build a Windows-style calendar, rose gold color with black Arabic numerals windows and distinctive form soft color, so the calendar clearly visible. At the same time, to meet the needs of everyday wear, especially Omega Constellation models also comes with a waterproof 100 meters function, this user-friendly design allows the user to enjoy, living in most environments, do not worry about their love table negligence and cause damage.

As a collection watch, Omega did not give in too much emphasis on the function of it, only to meet the required needs of daily life, so it's just a calendar and 100 meters waterproof function with its charm lies in the classic taste.

Omega Constellation Replica Watch limited edition 1952, 1952 this figure for 1952 is to pay tribute to the first generation constellation watch, so this figure gives the Omega Constellation Chronometer 38 mm special significance. As a collection watch, appearance is part of the very focused, and watchmaker Omega certainly will not let us down. 18K Sedna soft gold color, prop caught, Roman numerals identify the dial, and the time scale on the bezel, are showing a classic atmosphere. Its function, while small, but 8501 is superior to the inner core of it, you can ensure that each function has superior performance, making it in their daily lives to provide perfect service for us. It is a historical classic elements, blending modern aesthetic technology, combined with coaxial movement, while much attention.

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