Panerai Luminor Watches

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Watch world is a magical area, it has associated with any industry, such as Hublot and football, Tiger TAG Heuer and racing, Longines and equestrian, etc., is to talk with everyone today and Panerai Classic Yacht, and other brands, because of this special relationship, and thus was born a series of Panerai quite commemorative watch. Panerai PAM 00526 Replica Watch is a function with Regatta countdown watch.

Panerai Italian descent as the only company with a senior watch brand, has been sailing the protection and promotion of classical culture pioneer, and therefore to commemorate the profound ties between the brand and the ocean. In addition to sponsoring Classic Yacht Challenge, Panerai also bought Bermuda brigantine Eilean, and make a perfect repair, Eilean rebirth opened the antique yacht race off. In addition, also launched limited edition watches Panerai Classic Yacht Challenge for the year, these watches have become the focus of a table fan favorites.

Watch watch with a 47 mm diameter, the size relative to the Panerai common 44 mm, slightly larger point, but if men wear will not have much impact; unique right side Panerai crown for the bridge highlights the characteristics of the brand watchmaking, watch with the 3rd power storage and returning to the timing function, but also equipped with Regatta countdown function, this feature is especially for regatta start time and developed.

Black dial with a sandwich-type structure, the upper plate at a position corresponding to the scale of time scale do hollow handle, which makes the bottom of the scale with luminous coating will shine comes out better, even in the extremely faint light can also be clearly read time. Simultaneously with the Panerai Classic large-scale linear time scale and Arabic numerals six different color pointer on the disk, but also for the entire dial icing on the cake.

There are four central dial pointer fixed by the same axis, two silver hour and minute hands are white pointer, and the remaining two double chase timing pointer to distinguish between different colors, in addition to short orange hour hand at 3 o'clock position of the small dial rotation corresponding nine o'clock small seconds.

Printed on the outer edge of the dial for the game to start the countdown to 15 minutes mark, the last five minutes to orange to highlight, but also equipped with nautical miles of the speed scale to measure boat speed within a certain distance. BUY NOW This feature not only for the game to provide a more precise timing, but also reflects the innovative design and Panerai watchmaking virtuosity.

Wristwatch titanium metal material, not only significantly reduce weight, but also have much better corrosion resistance and hypoallergenic. We all know that the processing of titanium alloy is very difficult, but this watch uses polished bezel, the case is matte treatment, so do let the whole table looks more structured, more difficult and tabulation, also plays a more high-quality watchmaking.


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