Patek Philippe 1518 Series watch

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Replica Patek Philippe watch

Collectors from the United States by a collection of Patek Philippe 1518 perpetual calendar chronograph watch in Antiquorum auction attracted a lot of attention, Patek Philippe Replica Watchs after several rounds of intense bidding, this watch is sold for a price of $ 794,500, almosttwice its original price, such figures have made the majority people whom tip the scales. Only legendary watch first appeared 15 years ago, that is, October 18, 1997 in Geneva Antiquorum auction site, 1518 Manufacturing in 1951, two years later, on November 3, 1953 sale

This watch has been able to shoot such a high price and not contrary to many people's expectations, save it very well, now collectors, the case soft lines and a sign of the disk and rose gold a sense of enamel, the green copper disk sharp edges have become the focus of their identification.

Patek Philippe 1518 is the first perpetual calendar chronograph many watch manufacturers, only a handful of watch bracelet in the 1941 to 1952 many watches which can be removed, so this is particularly valuable.