Patek Philippe 5200G-001 Men's Watch

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Replica Patek Philippe watch

Patek Philippe is the acknowledged world watches the first watch brand, founded in 1839, has a number of patents tabulation. Technically been in a leading position, Patek Philippe, with its strong sense of quality, superb technology, a steady stream of innovation to create a universally respected watch brands. Replica Patek Philippe 5200G-001 Men's Watch has a distinctive appearance, remove Patek Philippe logo, replaced by a common brand identity of any such modeling is also worth saying. Worn on the wrist, whether you're 20-something or 50 or more, will not seem awkward.

5200G double curved white gold case design, the continuation series was first introduced in 1910 when the avant-garde style watch, a collection of classic and creative decorative works of art, so watch for the appearance of unusual (Note: In the era of Patek Philippe watch News Channel about the introduction of this series). Brass inlaid on the blue sunburst dial, so watch stylish and elegant. The dynamic reservoir marked on the dial, day and date display, people can not help but think of the brand launched in 2000, 5100 series watches have recast brilliant sense (with ten Nichido storage). Case back to back through the design, can clearly see the beauty of the movement.

From the perspective of the details, the case with gold casting workshop by the brand through highly polished, polished the mirror effect, through the bottom of four highly polished screws. When the central dial, minute pointer to a pointer with a strong toffee facets of classical meaning, and other common brands of toffee needle different, it uses a pure platinum and double-sided polished path. When standard scale, rod small dial pointers are platinum, also after polishing, so the dial, case harmonization. Strap is hand-sewn alligator strap, carrying gold pin buckle belt brand logo of.

Gondolo Series 5200G-001 watch has a very useful function - double calendar, moving Chu displayed. Dual calendar display means to display the date and day of week, 5200G watch for the pointer indicates the date display format and weeks, compared with window display. And ordinary double calendar is not the same, Patek Philippe 5200G has instantaneous jump of this mechanism can achieve date and week jump instantaneously at midnight, which requires very precise mechanical structure and location of the jump. In addition, Patek Philippe has its own patent for this agency, and other instantaneous jump structure is different. Nevertheless, it still requires a lot of manual adjustment of the year in January, because it does not recognize the size of the month.

Power reserve display at 12 o'clock position, scale arc design, because the watch has a power reserve of 8 days, but it does not mean that it can only go eight days, but can accurately operate eight days, after which due to the lack of motivation, still able to walk, but there will be a large error, power reserve display panel red portion represents underpowered, Friends tip sheet on the need to manually chain. With such a dynamic storage for a long watch, power reserve display is necessary, who would not often go to calculate what time or memory on the chain, when the chain again.

Movement is the key to watch, Patek Philippe has always attached great importance to this, and has over a hundred patents. 5200G-001 watch is brand specially designed 28-20 REC 8J PS IRM CJ manual winding movement, starting from a purely watch enthusiasts, manual winding definitely more valuable than the automatic winding and significance, manual winding Let the watch is no longer just a tool, through its long-established interaction is an emotional time.

This section movement for true rectangular movement, in full accordance with its internal structure to design a rectangular frame, and unlike a lot of moments like cheating the center box. BUY NOW This movement has many other features, the most obvious is the application of high-tech materials, double barrel, instantaneous jump structure, patented brand escapement governor agency.

Mainly refers to the application of high-tech materials used in key parts of the movement of special material, this mainly refers Silinvar silicon material, Patek Philippe's patented silicon material structure, known as the "innovation Trilogy", including the balance spring, escapement vertical structure. Watch history in a hundred years of development, the gossamer material has gone through many changes, to the present, is one of the best silicon material, it is not easily deformed, anti-magnetic, anti-temperature, anti-corrosion properties. Silicon escapement will be applied to the structure, but also eliminates the need for lubrication, and reduce wear and reduce energy consumption, especially now 4hz even better frequency, its effect is particularly evident.

Tandem double barrel design can efficiently store energy that can provide energy for up to 8 days or longer, of course, mainly by the winding structure and material decisions. Double barrel in series enables energy transmission more stable and durable.