Patek Philippe 5270G VS 5204P WATCH

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Patek Philippe Replica Watch

Patek Philippe Replica Watch since its inception, the chronograph has been in the brand's performance timepiece complex occupies a pivotal position. Most prestigious chronograph is the world's museum collections, and a few works spread markets become connoisseurs flock treasures. With Patek Philippe writing amazing timepiece legend at the same time, it renders Each watch will become a focus of heated debate, recently many tables faithful right Patek Philippe perpetual calendar split seconds chronograph 5204P and perpetual calendar chronograph 5270G hot debate endlessly, watch the House today will bring you a full range of these two watches Hassle comparative analysis.

From 5270 to 5204 perpetual calendar chronograph perpetual calendar split seconds chronograph, manual winding movement CH 29-535 PS received a new transformation, many familiar friends will know that the majority watch brand in the calendar chronograph Upgrade to become perpetual calendar chronograph split-seconds chronograph stopwatch would take exactly the same with the previous exterior design, the interior may distinguish by color change in the land area of ​​the second hand position, which is obviously the easiest and most economical solution. However, Patek Philippe has not done so, in the process of upgrading the transformation from the inside to the outside of the movement line design brand have done meticulously, I believe this is perhaps the top brand-specific rigorous and demanding.

Shuffled around and watch from a purely aesthetic feature comparison starting, 5204P in thickness per cent more than the 5270G some crown design is totally different, remove timing button shape changes, originally attached to the crown on the Patek Philippe The classic logo is also apparent 5204P disappeared.

Both look watch dial, I believe many people will send heartfelt admiration. Observed from the details you will find two pointer watch is completely different. 5270G its curved three-dimensional planar structure is trapezoidal and 5204P. Also is very different in function point is 5204P pointer with phosphor coating. At the same time these two models are also different needle geometry, 5204P-chip-shaped pointer 5270G is sword-shaped hands. At 9 o'clock Small seconds dial at the 5270G's disk presented in a simple manner, every 10 seconds by an Arabic numeral to replace the corresponding index. 5204P scale display with the track in the form of scale, and in the middle of a pattern small dial appears.

Both on the design phase of the moon from the intuitive picture we can Patek Philippe5270G watch  feel their differences, 5270G (left) presents the phase of the moon at the top, while the 5204P (R) is selected at the bottom rendering. In the minutes, hours and seconds scale 5204P (R) relative to the 5270G (left) lines used in more heavy, but every second is equally divided into five parts, under the premise personally think 5270G (left) reading will be more clear.

Movement aspect, CH 29-535 PS hand-winding movement has finally come out in 2009, and a surprise for the first time with the 7071R Ladies Watch. CH 29-535 PS hand-winding movement by the Patek Philippe completely homemade, with a classic column wheel device and horizontal clutch, and offers a number of six patented innovations and technical improvements. Following the 7071R, the Patek Philippe released this year, the first paragraph immediately configure this movement male form 5170J style, and then in 2011 they presented 5270 calendar chronograph. This year, Patek Philippe launched the latest series of work now, presenting No. 5204 calendar split seconds chronograph, hired CHR 29-535 PS Q new movement.

It is reported 5270G current price of RMB 1.5 million, while the 5204P's price will be more than two million, for the Patek Philippe prices for hundreds of millions already a commonplace thing, adhering to the world's most sophisticated watchmaking technology and strict brand attitude it has played a "watch" king position has not changed from the beginning. These analyzes also an objective for everyone expounded in two different watches in the details, but personally, both the functional aspects or details of the deal still feel more superior 5204P few.