Patek Philippe Calatrava Ref. 5153

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Replica Patek Philippe watch

By pocket watch evolution to watch the great turning point for point in the Pictet feili many works, has flip-metal protection after the end of Gai of the officers table styles, not only has to have a loyal passenger group, also has become PatekPhilippe unbreakable the traditional characteristics one. Always been classified as a model of the officers table during peak times in the past, Patek Philippe's had Ref.5022, 5053,5054,5059 and 4860, including a variety of circulation. Today, these models have a discontinued brand watches process next, so the tradition of this classic Patek Philippe Calatrava Ref.5153 more aloof from the world like the graceful style. As in the past the other the officer table "is called special style Calatarva 5153 watch has many different characteristics and other general Calatrava: the end was a circular straight lugs, to spin lock screws to secure the straps and other features, features are of great military form; special turban-crown is a common style of military form; the ancient round pan shaped case war officers own special style; course most important, Calatarva 5153 officers table table back in addition to the sapphire crystal glass bottom Gai, also with flip-metal after the end of Gai (hinged dustcover), which is inherited from the previous military form used to protect the surface of a specially designed.

Of course, the Patek Philippe watch its own unique style and allusions, however elaborate Calatarva 5153 military-style watch legend, it is implied that the two extremely romantic face to make it more distinctive. Let time back since the prototype of the watch craftsmen of the 16th-century Nuremberg, Germany Peter the ‧ Henglai due to create a pocket watch called the "Nuremberg eggs, pocket watch off gradually popular in Europe until the 20th century, early or upper-class community favorite timepiece and jewelry. The end of the 19th century, in the early 20th century, began trying to make a few watchmakers that can be worn on the wrist "watch". Table profession always exactly who manufactured the first watches dispute no solution, but probably for the early watch by smaller pocket watch refitted linear lugs welded on both sides of the pocket watch or play holes used to hold the epithelium or metal strap can be worn on the wrist watches natural born.

Calatrava 5153, Patek Philippe Replica Watchs officers needle junior date table offers all the characteristics of Calatrava watch. The Calatrava watches the name of famous Patek Philippe the doji logo, since 1932, the first Reference 96 listed Nothing, appearance to the simple beauty of the Add with said performance the most perfect combination represents a watch, but also the best performance of the Patek Philippe spirit. Then sent Ref.96 Henri Stern that watch the most important performance is the display hours, minutes, seconds, so the round is the best option, so he designed Calatarva such a simple circular case honest face plate, plain bezel and a long, curved and ear as one of the table elements connected with the case of the new watches. Now look round watch very ordinary, even a matter of course. However, in the 1930s, the watch is one of only two-year-old young watch manufacturer to try a variety of different shapes modeling, well-run, long barrel-type, even irregular until the show The emergence and popularity of the simple beauty of round Calatrava watch this mainstream establish a round table, and laid the foundation of the equal sign consumers identified the Patek Philippe brand is exquisite, perfect performance mark.

Case size has increased to 38 mm, and the appearance of new Calatarva 5153 as in the past, the same elegant, simple and pure. Central carefully carving the radiation Microhyla guilloche creamy white or black face plate, a section like Revenge of time scale associated with the same a small gilded minutes dot, shining along the edge of the face plate, elegant and simple toffee pointer on gorgeous appearance. Even in the absence of complex performance as one of the historic classic style, the Patek Philippe officer table style can be seen as the ultimate brilliant masterpiece extremely challenging because its metal Gai production process, light case polished a few days time consuming craftsmen carefully polished and tuned to complete. It all so special when Calatrava5153 be worn on the wrist are hidden only from the unique turban-style crown and caseback guard the Gai extends from the crown for the bridge, in the eyes of the know revealed which Marie elegance. Only excellent table main is the light lift protecting Gai, enjoy it guarded Cal.324SC self-winding movement throbbing operation of the United States.