Rado DiaMaster hollow drill Pa Series Limited Edition Watch

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Replica RADO Watches

Pierced unique charm watch is that you can hide within it perfectly fine craft. RADO DiaMaster drill Pa series of high-tech ceramic hollow automatic mechanical watch is such a limited edition watch, carved, intricate, addictive.

2014 RADO mechanical watch enthusiasts introduced three high-profile DiaMaster drill Pa series limited edition watch is also perfect to meet their comfort and easy to wear performance requirements. These three watches are used RADO groundbreaking one-piece high-tech ceramic case, each limited edition 499, each have a separate number.

1986, RADO will be the first to introduce high-tech ceramic watch industry, polished black high-tech ceramic Rado style that has become a great endorsement. Smooth, smooth, shining wrist, coupled with his best minimalist DiaMaster drill Pa Series Case, making Rado style masterpiece of ingenuity best interpretation. Five platoon tech ceramic bracelet polished and matte links each other, so that the texture doubled, more charming temperament express a complicated process.

"Plasma" is the keyword of Replica RADO DiaMaster drill Pa series, this series has a total of 20 models adopted this groundbreaking material of the watch, including two new skeleton watch. DiaMaster drilling Pa series plasma high-tech ceramic watch every one hollow ceramic parts - either one piece case, crown or individual chain links - crafted by white high-tech ceramic. After all the parts matt or polished, high-tech ceramics are placed plasma sintering furnace, when plasma high-tech ceramics reached 900 degrees Celsius, its unique warm gray metallic luster slowly emerged from the interior outward. RADO DiaMaster drill Pa series of high-tech ceramic hollow automatic mechanical watch limited edition technical complexity, simple design. Wherein the plasma high-tech ceramic with black leather strap style, more in the series adds a trend of retro elements. Whatever angle drill appreciate RADO DiaMaster Pa series of high-tech ceramic hollow automatic mechanical watch limited edition, you can clearly see it's all about structure. Through the sapphire crystal and caseback, the watch ticking movement glance.

Needless to say, RADO to create this distinctive high-tech ceramic limited edition watch will amazing world. If you expect to have a hidden story and craft superior exquisite watch, then this new masterpiece of Rado's bound to be the perfect choice.

RADO was born in 1957, is the world's largest watch group - Swatch Group's major brands. As a global leader in watch design and innovative materials, Rado in 1986 will be the first to introduce high-tech ceramic materials watchmaking, creating a ceramic watch precedent. Rado is also one of the first to enter China's luxury watch brands on the Chinese market and Chinese consumers have a unique understanding and a special feeling. Uphold the Visionary, BUY NOW Innovative, Iconic core spirit, Rado on the material and technological breakthroughs, committed to innovation and to create the future history of the pioneer spirit.