Rado - The Fans Xuanliang piece bright gold ceramic watch

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Replica RADO Watch

Radar Replica Watchs design team can be called the pioneer high-tech ceramic watch the show again superb technology, to the first gold sequined Plaid create blurred attractive visual sense, to create a silver drill series and precision ceramic series fans dazzle sequins bright gold watch. Fans dazzle flash sequins dial ballroom rotating disco ball 80's retro imitation, with Rado R & D original high-tech ceramics shining gold material, rigid-flexible between bloom incomparable charm of fashion.

As the world's first use of high-tech ceramic material as watch watch brand, radar table has been the pursuit of material research and innovation, and timely into fashion design elements, often leading watch material evolution trend. Radar table after ten years of development has published last year, high-tech bright gold ceramic into that table altar, marvel, 2009 Basail table show for the first time published can fans dazzle dial design and bright gold ceramic series complement each other. Dial with gold sparkle plaid, let dial blinking light in light refraction, its design inspiration from the 80's Ballroom Wuguang ten shoot rotating disco ball. Fans dazzle flash sequins dial with golden pointer and radar meter unique high-tech golden ceramic, different levels of gold, let's watch was, it could not help watching it.

The new launch fans dazzle sequins shining gold dial also used in the silver drill series and precision ceramic series, series watch section using ETA quartz movement, as the mosaic size ranging from 6-9 star gem. Among them, the barrel shape as the classical identification of silver drill series, case and bottom cover are bright gold high-tech ceramic material, the crown is the golden ceramic cap. Dazzling dial with golden sequins grid lines to create irregular flickering golden echo, pointer watch whole golden. Curved sapphire crystal mirror surrounding decoration Radar Golden Metal Replica Watchs coating is unique, and high-tech ceramic bracelet with bright gold and titanium metal safety clasp, the whole table, glittering but low-key and delicate. This series table section of each proposed price of NT ranged from 9 to 100000 yuan between.

Precision ceramic series has always been a radar table classic hot table in paragraph one, new change feature is to streamline design case and bracelet with the same width of mining, unfolds the unique qualities of the best fashion accessories. The launch of the precision ceramic series fans dazzle bright gold watch watchcase with sequins, gold PVD stainless steel, with the arc sapphirine crystal and gold plating. High-tech ceramic bracelet with bright gold also decorated with gold PVD stainless steel smelting, and folding buckle plating polishing gold PVD in titanium, let whole watch inside and shiny. The series according to different size of NT $6 more than the suggested price differs to 90000 yuan.