Rado true series of ultra-thin high-tech ceramic mixing with tab

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Replica RADO Watch

World-famous Swiss watchmaking technology to the high-tech ceramic watch Rado Replica Watchs launched the eve of Mother's Day true Thinline high-tech ceramic mixing zone watches, slim process is once again showing off the elegant style. True Thinline won the 2011 Good Design Award Design Award-winning world's first ultra-thin ceramic watch, put aside the thick of the general watch case thinnest only 4.9mm the, 35 grams misty weight but without losing Rado anti-wear features, and unique skin-friendly to give the mother the most delicate wrist touch, but also contains the eternal love between the family. True ThinLine ceramic mixing with table again was to make the posture of the ultra-thin, ultra-thin movement with the simple tone ceramic case and strap, in black and white, the light penetration feelings around the wrist, reveals an elegant style, for the the best taste ceremony of this year's Mother's Day.

Proud of the high-tech ceramics Rado, often continued to make breakthroughs in science and technology between aesthetics and innovation, the Rado True the ThinLine watch the show, a perfect balance of ultra-thin technology and precise time, quartz watch Case Thickness really my series thin 50%, even if the mechanical watch thin by 30%, and launched a new high-tech ceramic refining with a series of watches, still maintain a slim design, high-tech ceramic bracelet, with its unique skin-friendly with a given mother their hands more comfortable sense of obedient. Black and white, minimalist design, elegant. Divided into non-diamond dial with diamond dial two.
Rado True ThinLine quartz watch equipped with ETA ultra-thin movement, reposition the movement and the crown relative position as the main black and white high-tech ceramic dial special rose gold light is like telling the glory of affection, hollow hand movement is totally present precious bit of time. Diamond watches studded with sparkling diamonds on the dial light and shining with dazzling luster of high-tech ceramic echo each other, more radiant. Automatic watch to introduce the same black and white color watches, equipped with ultra-thin automatic movement ETA a neat time scale of the rail-thin, lightweight design, coupled with symbolic radar mechanical watches swing anchor logo, tapestry woven Order people never get tired of visual aesthetics. Rado cold technology with exquisite watchmaking technology transformed into a beautiful timepiece tell a touching moment, my collection of family for you bit by bit.