Replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches GMT-Master II 116713 LN

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In 1982, Rolex introduced GMT-Master II, with one hour can be adjusted in units of hours, easier to operate. This design ensures that the clock is set when the clock timer function continues to be affected. For passengers traveling for a long time, it is to see the local time of the main pointer, and the departure time is 24 hours from the outer ring which is very convenient. The 116713 LN, among the series of a masterpiece. Replica Rolex GMT-Master II

Watch with 24-hour needle and independently correct 12-hour pointer, allows you to set another time zone while the watch, as usual, to make sure every minute is not bad. Mark with a classic design, not too much decoration, two minutes of time allows you to simultaneously read two time zones. See the outer ring is often subjected to sunlight, chlorinated water or hard objects sharp light scratch damage factors create a unique for this Rolex outer ring with Cerachrom, the choice of hard ceramics, resistance to corrosion is excellent. The bracelet is unique, patent --Easylink Rolex invention, only a simple promise folded bracelet can be extended by five mm, so that the carrier more comfortable. Goldsmith low profile design low-key trace implies, each Rolex watch elegant classic temperament is the innovation of the brand of alcoholic beverages.

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