Roger Dubuis Velvet Ribbon Famous Actor Jade Watch

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Replica Roger Dubuis Watches

Roger Dubuis timepieces all the advanced works are awarded the prestigious Geneva Seal certification, thus providing global customers achieve their commitment to excellence, the brand will naturally be rigorous standards applied to watchmaking fine jewelry creations. Velvet Ribbon Yudai watch combines extraordinary refined, sophisticated technology, stunning design and the ultimate noble stone setting, perfectly reflects the essence of the exclusive precious watch.

Roger Dubuis watches dedicated to the Velvet Troupe has exquisite taste and discerning women who appreciate not only the mechanical movement of the intrinsic value, Roger Dubuis Velvet Ribbon Famous Actor Jade Replica Watch while its inherent elegance and delicate mind, but also so that they prefer elegant styling, charming When charming bright meter, in order to bring their own brilliance. These natural red Yan Jiali, like unique watches personality exudes charm, and it contains a rich modeling features, such as: strengthening the sense of depth split-level dial; ingenious combination of barrel-shaped and round, form special visual effects Case; slim meticulous, extending a large central dial Roman numerals; and links to case and strap, exquisite decorative central lugs.

Velvet Ribbon refined, jade jewelry watches employ at least 631, with a total weight of about 53 carats. Its platinum case has been redesigned, with a diameter of 38.5 mm ideal to accommodate a rich diamonds décor, trimmed with emerald cut diamonds and baguette-cut diamonds. Watch circle ring and dial are also trimmed with baguette-cut diamonds shop; there is no time scale on the dial, you can enjoy these diamonds shining bright light. This watch is a "minimalist expression of extreme," the classic, this creative principle also change the brand usual Sancha lugs design, retaining only a perfect mosaic of a carat F / IF-VVS diamonds central lugs.

These carefully selected precious diamonds highlights the Roger Dubuis Luo Jiedu He's professional competence in the field of gems, but also showing the brand in any aspect and detail are trying to reach the standards of the Geneva Seal determination. BUY NOW The pursuit of excellence is reflected in the same brilliant-cut diamonds inlaid table in the back, as well as the perfect engagement diamond bracelet; It is worth mentioning that the bracelet still on a delicate mix of jewelry conventional folding table buckle.