Rotonde de Cartier Double the Mystery Tourbillon watches

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Replica Cartier Watch

With gorgeous curtain 2013SIHH, I was most impressed by the brand is Cartier (Cartier), more than a century, Cartier has always firmly grasp the mysterious bell skill. Over time, this exquisite watchmaking philosophy to lead the piece count treasures came into being, Bach condensation magical charm. This year, Cartier introduced two complex and sophisticated new timepiece, the the mysterious fantasy design concept to a new level, followed the traditional brand from inception. Today, we bring Rotonde de Cartier double mystery Tourbillon Watchs, its impressive structure, like a floating tourbillon cage interpretation of a clever and wonderful, fascinating dance. Official Model: W1556210.

Imagine such a watch, its tourbillon device just like suspended in the air - Cartier, with the new 9454 MC-type double mystery Tourbillon movement to make those dreams into reality, and won the Geneva quality mark. Slightly careful observation, and will be able to find the magic of this mechanism. Every 60 seconds floating tourbillon rotates once seemed completely suspended in the air, look no connection with other components. When the tourbillon frame every 5 minutes a week of the start of the second tier of rotation, the ultimate success of this magical visual experience. This double mystery floating tourbillon watch not only the integration of Cartier's bold creativity and watchmaking attainments, but also embodies the essence of the brand more than a century when the mysterious creation.

The mystery seems to feel the Cartier gives me the most intuitive and most appropriate watch with dark gray plating guilloché dial, silver-plated hollow grille, in fact, the disk is divided such figurative instead the other hand interpretation of Cartier separate the abstract sense of the mystery of time, accompanied with the Sun Wen radiation effect, black transferred Roman numerals to increase the sense of time and space staggered. As for the part of the crown compared to long I do not have to say, platinum-grained crown set with a cabochon sapphire, this design has become the classic signs of Cartier, of course, a few years of heritage already become a A belongs only to the honor of the brand.The Rotonde de Cartier Replica Watch the biggest bright spot is known as the "double mystery" innovative mechanical structure. Designers such as Cartier magician create such a superb phantom-like visual scene.

In fact, just through words and pictures the description is in fact very difficult to let everyone feel the wrist mysterious mechanical lock to give us the feeling of shock, and if we are lucky enough to see the true body of this watch must appreciate what Cartier with "Magic of infinite charm. The price I believe, everyone can estimate slightly out, in short, definitely spend a million or more, but have to admit that in creating countless first of its kind, Cartier has long been with the sudden emergence of the trend firmly seize the world's attention.