Sun and Moon series Lingni celebrities

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The history of the world's seven major watch brand Baume & Mercier , in 2013 the first Asian Watch Fair , the grand launch will be deeply loved Lingni women diamond limited edition series , once again a perfect interpretation of the ultimate entry- luxury watches .

Ling Ni series brings female consumers love the stunning beauty in 2013 , Baume & Mercier also launched the world's limited 100 Lingni Day & Night limited edition in the winter sun and the moon , the continuation of Baume & Mercier elegant aristocratic circle rhyme gene , while females Rolex DAY DATE Replica the bold style on top of the watch day and night , so that women in all important occasions are always the focus of attention of the audience .

Diamond light shines very, noble gestures feminine charm, is the limited edition series Lingni moon and dotting " Creative " ; celebrities watchmaker clever use of blue & white mother of pearl dial , date and month to build a visual comparison , to show the beauty of the moment sunrise Moonlight ; " day of the sea " Lingni exquisite decorative white mother of pearl dial , performance style summer day on the coast , with a face plate mounted 65 natural diamonds turned into a charming sun xingsha paintings.

Lingni watch with blue face and a mother of pearl disc -type opening month physiognomy , with 83 natural diamonds painted on the sky the moon hung buildings , surfaced Galaxy splendid beauty of the moment ; alternating sun and moon also represents the fleeting beauty of the people emotional projection, many wearing sun and moon Lingni limited series of female consumers , all reveal mesmerizing , deeply touched look, this is regarded as a watchmaker Baume & Mercier let the sun and moon to distract proud Lingni glory imprint.

Since 1830 , Baume & Mercier and constantly strive to balance a full solemn beauty , the exquisite beauty , complexity and sophistication of the very " cause " interpretation , passing perfect forever brand philosophy ; watch for the perfect stick , has become a popular celebrity celebrities table Yashi for key senior watch , to date, it is still insist celebrities " aestheticism , only manufacture the finest quality watches ' ​​brand philosophy .

Po Yee watch company , founded in 1956 , roots in New Taipei City , senior market more than 50 years of history, called the north 's premier senior watch boutiques . Po Yee clocks located in Fuchu Banqiao MRT station essence district, along with professional advice and dedicated service for the purpose, so praised by many customers , Po Yee Chang mission to promote Rolex Replica Watch top- quality watches , especially in 2013/12/19 to the 21st centuries craft held Swiss watch brand BAUME & MERCIER VIP appreciation Lingni series , display and sell Taiwan the only group of celebrities Lingni Day & Night Sun Moon series , hoping for customers to get more chances to face contact with the rare table able to glimpse the beauty of craftsmanship found in time .