TAG Heuer Aquaracer 500 meters watch

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TAG Heuer Replica Watch

Dream-like world of the sea, challenge the limits of professional diving and sailing watch-TAG Heuer committed to the pursuit of marine sports in no way inferior to the passion and dedication of its road movement and motorsport. TAG Heuer Replica Watch in 1895, its first waterproof case for patents, and in 1939 introduced the first waterproof chronograph. In 1942, the brand has released a the first regatta sports watch ─ ─ sailing chronograph table The TAG Heuer SOLUNAR watch (1949) is the world's first with the tides display watch, MAREOGRAPH-SEAFARER (1950) is the first with auxiliary drive time the tide display and regatta dial-type timer watch.

In 2009, the brand has launched one of the most attractive and professional water sports watch series Aquaracer 500m watch, high standards of functionality, and through the back of the bottom cover, establish a new era of diving watch. TAG Heuer spokesperson, environmental advocate Leonardo the series of publicity Aquaracer 500 m Series consumers a broad response.

Eloquent and contrasting unique design of the all-black Aquaracer 500 meters watch, designed for men carefully crafted prowess. The table uses the TAG Heuer Calibre 5 automatic winding movement, fine-brushed titanium case 43 mm in diameter, and covered with black titanium carbide coating. Screw-in crown and unidirectional rotating bezel coated with black matte rubber, 12 o'clock position is marked with a yellow fluorescent spots.