TAG Heuer watches Chinese Lady Yin Yang Tai Chi

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TAG Heuer Replica Watchs

Basel Watch Fair in 2012 , many brands have launched new watches Tag Heuer Carrera Replica Chinese elements , with 150 years of history, TAG Heuer is one of them , to the east of yin and yang, two extremely inspired to create Formula 1 Lady Yin Yang watch.

Which watch with a diameter of 32 mm 18K white gold case , case , bezel , dial and strap to 234 strip cut diamonds and 245 brilliant- cut diamonds weighing a total of 7.36 karats modified , elongated diamond shining brilliant light , clear and straight lines , and simple unique " step cut " shape, coincided with the use of brilliant-cut to show its extreme brightness and sparkle perfect blend of round diamonds , filling elegance. Striking contrast of black and white diamond drilling has been extended to the bezel, which is located in gleaming black diamond eccentric position between 4:00 and 1:00 , on behalf of the Tai Chi in the " sun " and the other half white diamond represents " yin ." This contrast is also reflected in the bracelet , the center links on the polished black ceramic , scratch resistance comparable to diamond. Combines elements of symmetric and asymmetric distinctive Replica Tag Heuer watches design is not only standard , but also charismatic .