Tang Wei made global spokesperson for Rado

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Replica RADO Watches

On May 8, 2014, the famous Swiss watch brand Rado "Yisha series of high-tech ceramics, touch watch China conference" Himalaya Center in Shanghai, China officially launched Promise field, released the day for women to build Yisha series of high-tech ceramic watch, and announced a new global spokesperson, the famous actress Tang Wei. Sally watches elegantly designed with unique features touch regulation time, released during the Basel Watch Fair, upon release became the focus of the show when the session watches, then please follow the watch house together reports understanding of the situation today.

On the day of the Swatch Chinese Su-Chen Chen, president, global president, Mr. Matthias Breschan radar, radar new spokesperson famous movie star Miss Tang Wei, as well as company executives Rado, Rado dealers and hundreds of media witnessed this glorious moment. Rado "Yisha series of high-tech ceramics, touch watch China conference" site is located in Pudong, Shanghai Promise Himalayan center field, the momentum of this spectacular conference from the figure seen on radar LOGO venue facades everywhere.

Many venues have been arranged in the shape of the regional Replica Rado Yisha series, we first saw at the entrance to showcase some of the classic series of radar watch, edit more concerned about today's new so here after a stopover, continues to walk Hall finding radar Yisha series. Yisha first sight radar watches was its sleek design, Rado unique ceramic material, graceful flowing lines of the dumping case. But I believe that leaving everyone surprised that this is a no crown of the watch, this is the magic of this high-tech watch, we will detail in the next to introduce this feature.

Rado Yisha series of touch watch designed for fashion young women to build, using a non-disruptive crown design, smooth lines perfectly demonstrates the side, feminine mysteries radar Yisha watches in its eight o'clock conditioning design, first in the case edge with your fingers touch and swipe eight o'clock time setting can be achieved - on the left to set the hour, the right side to set the minute - just one step you can adjust the time forward or backward speeding backflow.

Yisha series of high-tech ceramics Rado Fibonacci Touch watch a total of four colors, which are pure white, deep blue, vibrant red, green and healthy to Fibonacci way deed in the dial perfect mosaic of 534 precious stones, case and strap with a easy to wear lightweight ceramic material, it is also smart regulation no crown design. Rado Yisha limited edition series of 132 diamonds in this watch we not only have no crown groundbreaking design, but also realized Rado diamonds embedded in ceramic new technologies continue to break through the Swiss watchmaker's R & D has finally realized the diamonds on ceramics, BUY NOW we clearly visible embedded in the dial and strap of genuine diamonds, first with laser drilled holes in the ceramic. Then softened platinum with precise microinjection of each hole, and then diamonds on it.

Along with a beautiful opening dance radar new spokesperson Miss Tang Wei officially unveiled her fresh and natural smile, confident tranquil demonstrate her personal charm, I believe she was able to perfectly demonstrate the essence of the rado watch.

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