The new TAG Heuer Link the Lincoln Series watch grand listed

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As one of the most classic watches TAG Heuer Link Replica Lincoln swept the world, more than twenty years. The new Link Lincoln landing in China, modern contemporary, vigorous spirit of the city with his right.

Link The moral is connected, connecting the city to connect the arts, connecting you and me, it represents the courage to try, confident and decisive, and the courage to self-achievement spirit, and this spirit is precisely the driving force behind the continuous development of the city. When the city interpersonal networks interconnected architectural landscape has become a milestone in the evolution of the city; growing importance of the development of science and technology and environmental protection, the process of modernization of the city to unprecedented heights, Link Lincoln expect people to share the city achievements, senses and mind experience is more modern, more pure city life. In order to interpret the image of the spirit of the city, TAG Heuer invited music poet Li Jian theme of "urban artistic impression Tour" to Zurich, Berlin, Shanghai and Beijing viewfinder, focus on environment, science and technology and the humanities, dig city life, at different angles examine the significance of the city of modern art form outside of the music inspired records to show the city in the process of development innovation, forge ahead of the moment.

As the theme of the event photographer, Li Jian-site guests to share the sentiment of the shooting, as well as city life philosophy, he believes the city to build a dense network of people, this network is not just to live, study and work places, also gathered energy, courage and vigor, it records the ups and downs of life also witnessed the growth of the city, but more importantly, it is entrusted with our hope for the future. In the process of the city, smart technology is gradually impact the way we tag heuer slr replica live, it creates endless possibilities, so that dream into a reality, but this is definitely not at the expense of the ecological environment at the expense of, only to create a pure and natural ecological environment to let the heart to feel the city life, in order to understand the beauty, reflecting the true meaning of life.

Subsequently, the TAG Heuer global spokesperson Chen Tao-ming in the the crowd highly anticipated debut. Time flies, style remains the same, the new Link Lincoln advertising also opened a mysterious veil, wonderful debut film Chen Daoming Peidailinken Calibre 6 watch, Chen Tao-ming said that this is his second TAG Heuer shooting commercials, before Carrera the classic tradition, today's new Link Lincoln modern elegance, he hoped that this interpretation can be interpreted Link Lincoln watch elegant charm, but also want to be able to Link Lincoln passed the pioneering spirit of the city to more people.