Tissot Asgard Series Skeleton Watch

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Replica Tissot Watches

Tissot watches hollow usually we do not often contact to, when the time to get the kind of feeling really make an impact. Tissot Asgard Series Skeleton Replica Watch The Asgard hollow watches are sophisticated watchmaking brand representative products, has a stylish and sophisticated production technology, a unique spoke design and development of special watch movements are given unparalleled stereoscopic effect , watch the official model: T070.405.16.411.00.

Through the sapphire crystal glass table mirror, like a car we can see five lines diverge outward like spokes from the center of the dial, and like fine round windmill. This skeleton watch every minute details of the design have passed a unique design aesthetic. Pointer and scale an elegant blue, is very compatible with the skeleton movement, make more clear and convenient and fun read.

Watch case made of tough 316L stainless steel material to build, surface drawing effect after treatment, showing pleasing texture. Watch diameter 43 mm, 12 mm thick, "big, thick" design fully highlights the tough gas this watch. Dial and case convergence at right angle design, more modern fashion. Small seconds dial at 9 o'clock also used the hollow design, so that the whole watch body more transparent.

Unique design details dial the wearer to bring a classic, yet modern experience, hollow dial is a process of test, but also an extraordinary visual experience. Designers want to keep all of the hours and minutes identity, you need to dial cleverly conceived design, vibrant blue stripe on the time scale set silver dial, showing the complete minutes and 24 hours. Pointer and scale are an elegant blue, it is very compatible with the hollow movement.

The dial function without excessive display and modification, at 9 o'clock position with an elegant small seconds, with short blue hands to indicate the time, which is also the designer extremely clever arrangements. Buy Now Watch with made of stainless steel folding clasp, clasp the outside with a beautiful brushed polished and engraved Tissot classic "T" word identification, the clasp is also consistent with the requirements of most people wear.