Tissot Classic Sports Watch

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This watch is a series of new laws Chi successor, in the continuation of the classic design, but also into the modern elements, unrestrained joy large dial with perforated strap, adding the idea of ​​racing realism and retro atmosphere.

Watch sleek black case with a banana-shaped bezel and buttons, like most of the piston, full of rich racing engines on the mechanical sense. Brands using 316L stainless steel to build the case, Tissot Classic Sports Watch this material has a very strong toughness, with good wear resistance, even wearing at ultimate strength will not be destructive wear. Surface covered with black carbon bezel more cool, and engraved on the outer ring speed scale, which for sports car racing When racing is very practical.

Domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective not only elegant, but also make life full of delicate flavor, are used double-sided anti-glare coating, even under strong light, the dial can clearly read the information, which for sports Type the wearer is very necessary, highly reflective troubled people should know which of pros and cons. This new watch is full of personality, dynamic and vibrant, true sense of the car is where the success of the watch, I believe just from the appearance, it has a lot of fans are attracted to the watch

In addition to details of the design rather than the racing fan, the dial is the essence of this watch, black dial and bezel to form a perfect echo, ribbon motifs disk Rules neat sense of depth to create a luxury. Watch date display window at the 6 o'clock position, the central two symmetrical timing plate with white outline design, and the disk to form a strong visual contrast in colors. To continue retro atmosphere, Buy Now watch with a floating time scales, from the bottom of the pointer across the time scale, and the second edge of the bezel scale produces a harmonious beauty, every design watches are reminiscent gorgeous racing.

A good watch is attention to detail modifications, this movement is no exception, the key part of the case on the right side of the same car exudes inspiration. Two chronograph buttons are used with the bezel around the same orange rubber ring, eye-catching hues, shapes easy way out, the crown gear is used a beautiful pattern design, fine polished, angular.