Vacheron Constantin Art Masters Series Mecaniques Gravees Watch

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Replica Vacheron Constantin Watches

Vacheron Constantin watches recently launched maestro, vivid and elegant interpretation of the Loudiao process, the use of a very modern style and architectural features of the way, to pay tribute to the traditional craft Loudiao Haute Horlogerie movement. In order to better show the 2260 and 4400 beautifully elegant movement, both Vacheron autonomy and development, and manufacturing of classical movements are derived from classical carving jewelry inspired floral pattern. These scrolls and vines carved to show the top-shaped pattern of traditional decorative art, pattern are hand-carved on the functional parts, highlights the extraordinary superior mechanical features and a unique aesthetic charm.

The movement from the scroll-shaped and carved vine-shaped pattern showing a ranunculus sweet potato leaf pattern to represent the traditional decorative patterns. Ranunculus sweet potato leaf pattern of ancient Greek architecture in one of the most unique decorative elements, first appeared in the decorative Corinthian stigma in the 5th century BC.Replica Vacheron Constantin Art Masters Series Ranunculus sweet potato leaf pattern unique shape, exudes endless liberal atmosphere, and therefore in the history of Western civilization, especially the Renaissance and Baroque periods, the birth of numerous ranunculus sweet potato leaf pattern engraved works of art. For a long time, this symbol of eternal victory and glory foiled elegant pattern frequently appears in various forms sculpture, fine inlay work, embroidery and painting and other artistic creations.

Vacheron lot on antique pocket watch movement can also see ranunculus sweet potato leaf pattern elegant and unique curves, and in the Vacheron Constantin movement began with the creation of more beautifully decorated hand-carved, such as the 18th century floral patterns, 19th century mid-scroll-shaped pattern, angels and vine-shaped pattern in the 1920s, the Chiba WHORL 1940s, there emerged in the 1980s vine-shaped pattern again. To commemorate this early use on the Advanced tab of classical art, Vacheron Constantin respected traditional concept of decorative craft, the final choice movement equipped with hand-carved in the maestro of these two new watches.

4400 Vacheron Constantin movement is one of the most iconic manual winding movement, maestro perfect show this movement unparalleled exquisite design. 4400 movement entirely carved by hand made for hour and minute display powered device in 39 mm diameter round 950 platinum case, with arc-shaped bezel, highlighting the elegant and slim watch. 127 parts of this movement are slim to maintain the original challenge sculptor crafted workmanship. Power section of the movement and storage time of nearly three days. Maestro Mecaniques Gravees dial design, making the movement of the board and deck beautifully carved decoration glance. The elegant dark gray slate gray and platinum pointer outer minute scale perfect echo, more shine to bring out the engraved gold Maltese cross. Vacheron Constantin Replica Watch Dial and case back cover are transparent sapphire crystal to create, so the movement carving delicate floral pattern is clearly visible. Water resistant to 30 meters. Each one hand-carving 4400/1 movement requires 10 days of work.

The new maestro Mecaniques Gravees not only recalled the origins of traditional watchmaking decorative arts, but also reflects the Vacheron Constantin 260 years of watchmaking technology and perseverance in pursuit of the two-in-one concept art craft.


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