Vacheron Constantin barrel-type 82130/000R-9755 Watches

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Replica Vacheron Constantin Watches

Vacheron Constantin such top brands, always watch fans blitz, even if can not afford, just to see the spirit can be felt to get a good taste of sublimation. Exaggeration matter, but for the good things that people love and longing are the same, Vacheron Constantin watches belong to this wonderful thing. In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of barrel-type watches, Vacheron Constantin watches deliberately introduced this 82130/000R-9755, let us enjoy the next.

Vacheron Constantin barrel-type 82130/000R-9755 Replica Watches small seconds Malta adopted barrel-type design, and the use of 18k pink gold material, so refined and elegant case, the thickness of 9.1 mm, and can be easily hidden in the sleeves. While using anti-scratch sapphire crystal glass table mirror, its hardness second only to the world's hardest substance - diamond, perfect protection, while the dial is not easy to scratch, reading affected. In addition, in order to achievement classic, with 18k pink gold case material, Vacheron Constantin 82130 watch dial with silver-white metal and matte color rendering effect, so full of metallic dial. While also increasing the 6 o'clock, small seconds, small seconds using sunburst design in order to achieve the effect of highlighting. However, the most attractive is the back should be enough, Vacheron Constantin 82130 watch with a sapphire crystal back through the glass, so that the movement wonderful panoramic view of the operation, like a visual feast. Besides, how can a watch strap less of it, for the movement is concerned, the most appropriate of the strip, however, such as the classic Malta meter crocodile leather strap is undoubtedly the best choice, Brown strap in addition to highlight the distinguished, it is more prominent taste. And with a strap, Vacheron Constantin 82130 uses a pin buckle, compared to folding buckle and safety clasp buckle and so all kinds, pin buckle is much more simple.

Malta has always been very popular table watches the faithful sought after, and in 2012 The new Vacheron Constantin watch with small seconds 82130/000R-9755 early barrel-type watch as a template, the outward expansion of the central part, and the case lugs streamlined seamless connection, even before the barrel-type watch is also rare, while incorporating the classic elements of small seconds, to create the classic of classics. Terms of appearance, the most suitable purists love the table, it is not Safe movement Patek Philippe Nautilus, it is Genei the collection, is a combination of aesthetics, technology and history, but it looks unassuming introverted temperament.

If Vacheron 82130/000R-9755 small seconds because Tonneau watch case and full of character, then the small seconds is icing on the cake. We certainly have seen a lot of small seconds, and it is undeniable that most classic small seconds must be cross small seconds, due to modern fashion and aesthetic reasons, the early cross small seconds increasingly unpopular, Instead, small seconds disc or digital lines small scale small seconds. Vacheron Constantin watches combine classic cross 82130/000R-9755 small seconds and modern fashion, another way to blend classic and modern aesthetics, so small seconds spectacular. BUY NOW As elegant collection class watches, Vacheron Constantin watch the performance requirements in accordance with the mainstream, to meet the needs of daily life wear, water depth is set to 30 meters.