Vacheron Constantin Thief Series Watch

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Replica Vacheron Constantin Watches

From simple and elegant style to complex designs crafted from everyday wear to expensive diamond watch styles, each one represents a culmination of Swiss Haute Horlogerie watchmaking,Replica Vacheron Constantin Thief Series Watch embodies the Vacheron Constantin watch industry in the world, famously status, and their technical and aesthetic pursuit.

The watch case diameter of 42 mm, while in line with modern popular big table diameter wave, but people did not feel bloated, full of sporty appearance of the brand has penetrated the bone marrow infiltration elegance. This watch uses a sapphire ring crystal glass table mirror, table mirror translucent clear, the process will be the perfect top watch unreserved expose the eyes.

The side of the crown with a classic triangular grooved design, modeling simple elegant spin hands comfort, top crown carved 一枚 Maltese Cross, highlight the distinguished brand identity. Above the crown of the watch timer timing start / pause button, the button underneath the timer is cleared.

This watch with a blue rubber strap, strap soft and smooth, comfortable to wear, not only has a very skin-friendly rubber texture, but also has a waterproof, anti-sweat, corrosion-resistant properties, very suitable match for sports watch models. The watch case thickness is approximately 12.45 mm, BUY NOW three-dimensional super stainless steel bezel both shaped like a gear, they are like sailors in the hands of the rudder to guide people in the open sea wind waves.