Yan Ni elegant appearance and temperament extraordinary watches

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Recently, just finished the movie " Wulin" Yan Ni appeared Zhenjiang , attended the opening ceremony of an international brand of watches flagship store . This is the second year in May in Chengdu to attend the conference to watch the new once again been invited . The event, Yan Ni dressed Rado Jubile Replica in a black dress temperament elegant appearance , the watch brand with design perfect encounter again .

In the afternoon, after hearing the news from inside and outside the mall packed with fans , dressed in a black low-cut dress Yan Ni has attracted fans screaming for a debut . We also have exclaimed in real life Yan Ni and screen image contrast is so big, elegant and generous filling goddess style, the brewing decade career woman tastes like French wine like Sensation intoxicating , especially her signature smile more become a representative ni style exudes style . The event, Yan -ni try the brand new watch , with its luxurious design highly refined sense of style perfectly.

With " Zhang five spring" for the coronation of a new national broadcast idol , Yan Ni gorgeous transformation successful professional managers to shape the image of the goddess and her unique style charm and it was called the new fashion muse , business value and day promotion, many international brands to throw an olive branch . Yan Ni I also expressed the hope that their own taste of a woman , with the most outstanding works to give back to the audience , the fashion brand ,Replica RADO Watches and more are some of the responsibility, and the best and worthy of public trust in brands is the most important . According to the person in charge of the brand , Yan Ni can become the closest female co- star, is also based on Yan Ni each milestone in the career of the classic role , which is a positive innovation excellence and brand heritage of classical philosophy is very fit and will further cooperation will be more extensive .