Zenith Premier Series GFJ commemorative Watch

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Replica ZENITH Watches

Replica Zenith Premier Series GFJ Memorial Star El Primero watch equipped with high-speed vibration frequency 4810 manual winding movement, beating 36,000 times per hour of high vibration frequency, even in its accuracy still today become the industry benchmark, legendary status no shake. This extraordinary movement by a total of 939 components, including part of the movement assembly 222, sesame chain assembly 575. Power reserve display occupies the lower half of the dial, located at 4:30 position. The word "Force constante" and "High Frequency" is a tribute to the precise quality of movement. In the 7:30 position, small seconds dial and the watch factory pentagram icons side by side.

Through the upper part of the fun design of the dial, sesame chain transmission apparatus 10:30 and 1:30 positions advancement now, the chain pagoda surrounded by clever rotating wheel, this unique design will become a visual table of sesame entire gold chain structure itself elements of highly innovative, impressive. With spiral shape pagoda round, even in the case of the mainspring is completely loosened, the device also allows the watch to maintain perfect balance power. The chain from 575 components, length of 18 cm, can ensure proper transmission between clockwork and pagoda wheel. Link structure consists of a double-stranded intermediate links section and occasionally composed, constructed a very sophisticated structure. After the chain, the chain can withstand more than three kilograms of the traction force. In the course of the entire power reserve (at least 50 hours), the power spring by wrapping a chain around the barrel of the power transmitted to the pagoda round. By correcting the tension error pagoda round, get a balanced force, and assigned to the gear set and the vertical siliceous escapement wheel. Pagoda round compact, elegant style, is a series of crystalline precision calculations to ensure its overall means a perfect run in seven segments.

Power watch store for 50 hours, during which the chain wrapped around in spring. Manual winding through the crown just a few seconds, pagoda wheel and winding in the opposite direction of rotation running so that the chain is wrapped around the wheel around the pagoda.Zenith Replica Watch Two jaws are fixed to the base plate to support the wheel and the winding shaft pagoda. This design gives the watch a kind of 19th-century neoclassical architectural style. Winding engraved with Zenith / Force words Locke watch factory.